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General lab schedule

Monday: Journal Club, 12 – 1 pm at GMB 3007

Tuesday: Biochemistry and Biophysics Department Seminar, 11- 12 pm at Bioinformatics 1131

Wednesday: Lab Lunch, 12 – 12:30 pm, either at GMB 3007 or outside | Group Meeting, 12:30 – 1:30 pm at GMB 3007

General lab information

Jeff Jones’ helpful lab manual
This site was created by our lab manager who has compiled information for questions such as “How do I order lab supplies?”, “How am I reimbursed for travel and/or business expenses?”, and others.

Dogwood information

Dogwood partition and user limits

SLURM submission examples

Resources for ordering and storing products

Kuhlman Lab Protocol for Storing Plasmids (covering Quartzy entries, tube labels, and long-term storage)

Kuhlman Lab Plasmid Information Form, referenced in our Protocol for Storing Plasmids.
Print off the form and complete. Please note, all information within this form must be completely filled out before a plasmid can be saved as a Quartzy entry!

Link to Quartzy, for Brian Kuhlman’s lab

How to guide to navigate and edit the online Quartzy database, created by the Kuhlman Lab

Link to Addgene, for Kuhlman Lab plasmids

Link to Eurofins, used to order primers

Kuhlman Lab Eurofins/Operon, and IDT Order Sheet Form, with P.O. numbers

Link to Twist, used to order DNA arrays and plasmids

Kuhlman Lab Twist Order Sheet Form, with P.O. numbers

A checklist for new lab members: Get started in the Kuhlman Lab

☐ Review Jeff Jones’ helpful lab manual

☐ Review the Kuhlman Lab Protocol for Storing Plasmids (covering Quartzy entries, tube label, and long-term storage)

☐ Subscribe to the Kuhlman Lab listserv using your UNC onyen

☐ Have someone in the lab share the Kuhlman Lab google calendar and drive with your gmail account

☐ Gain access to the 3rd floor of GMB after hours (Talk to GMB’s 3rd floor HR, bring your School of Medicine ID badge)

☐ Complete a Kuhlman Lab scavenger hunt to get to know the lab

☐ Get a wet lab and/or dry lab notebook

☐ Many lab members prefer the online notebook, Benchling, which contains shared resources

☐ Connect your computer to the Kuhlman Lab printer

☐ Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, to access UNC VPN connection even when off campus

☐ Here are detailed installation instructions – note, you need to sign in with your ONYEN to view the page

☐ Create a Dogwood account

☐ If applicable, create a Wiggins account

☐ Create a GitHub user account

☐ Then, ask a current member how to get added to the RosettaCommons group

☐ Then, follow the instructions here to set up SSH keys between GitHub and the computer you plan on running Rosetta on

Introduce yourself to Rosetta and computational protein design

Read the Rosetta Commons Guide to Getting Started with Rosetta

Complete the Rosetta Commons introductory tutorials

View the Johns Hopkins University lecture videos by Dr. Jeffrey Gray on Computational Protein Structure Design 

☐ Sign the Rosetta Commons Developers Agreement

☐ Clone and compile Rosetta

☐ If applicable, share your class schedule with your mentor