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The Kuhlman lab welcomes talented researchers of any race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, caregiver and family commitments, socioeconomic background, and political affiliation.

We believe diverse viewpoints are essential to tackling challenging problems with creative and novel solutions – and the Kuhlman lab strives to provide an excellent and welcoming environment to improve both our research and our community.


High School Students

The Kuhlman lab is happy to invite young researchers into the lab.

Previously, most high school students volunteer in the lab during their summer break. Generally, students work with a graduate student as a research assistant during the summer. Inquiries about availability should be emailed directly to Brian Kuhlman.

Alternatively, female-identifying and nonbinary high school students can apply for UNC’s paid six-week-long immersive summer mentorship program, WinSPIRE. Our participation in this program varies each year depending on our graduate students’ availability.

Undergraduate Students

The Kuhlman lab is committed to encouraging and supporting undergraduate research.

Most of our research technicians are hired through work-study positions, which are handled through UNC’s Student Employment website. We encourage students to apply as early as their freshman year. Generally, students spend 1-2 years as a research technician, then work closely with a graduate student as a research assistant.

Undergraduate research assistants are highly encouraged to work with their graduate student mentor to apply to UNC’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program.

Note, undergraduate students outside of UNC are encouraged to apply to the Rosetta Commons Research Experience for Undergraduates, a great summer research opportunity. This program is fully supported by NSF allowing interns to receive housing, paid travel expenses, and a stipend. Our participation in this program varies each year depending on our graduate students’ availability.

Graduate Students

At UNC, prospective graduate students can apply to the Biological & Biomedical Sciences Program which is a departmental umbrella program that my lab participates in. This program allows prospective graduate students to submit just 1 application yet have access to labs across multiple departments during their first year.

Through BBSP, first-year graduate students rotate through 3 labs for 10 weeks each, then decide on a thesis lab. The Kuhlman lab welcomes interested rotation students during most rotation periods. Inquiries about rotation availability, including early summer rotation options, should be emailed directly to Brian Kuhlman.

After the first year, most graduate students who join the Kuhlman lab also join either the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, the Department of Pharmacology, or the Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Additionally, many graduate students in the Kuhlman lab participate in a rigorous interdisciplinary training program in biophysics, UNC’s Molecular & Cellular Biophysics T32 Program, which focuses on mechanistic and structural biology.

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Kuhlman lab welcomes Postdoctoral candidates. Inquiries about Postdoctoral positions (including international applications) should be emailed directly to Brian Kuhlman. Candidates are encouraged to apply for extramural fellowships to support their research.

The Kuhlman Lab is located on the third floor of the Genetic Medicine Building
at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Please explore this map for directions to my office, the lab, and nearby parking options.

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